Contacts Sync For Gmail User Guide

Contacts Sync For Gmail User Guide.

“Contacts Sync For Gmail” allows you to quickly and easily synchronize your Gmail and iPhone contacts. Easily synchronize your contacts between Android, iPhone devices and PC. Compatible with iOS7, iOS8, iOS9, iOS10, iOS11, iOS12..


It is recommended that you do not have Exchange Server enabled for the same Google Contacts account that you are trying to sync with this app. Skip to the “Exchange Server” section for instructions on disableing it.

Before syncing with Gmail for the first time, log int your Gmail account on your PC and make sure that you don't have any duplicate contacts. Even though it may appear as if you don't have duplicates from your contacts list, Gmail may actually be masking the problem. Go to “Find & Merge Duplicates” in Gmail to make sure. Otherwise, the duplicates my get transferred to your iPhone when you sync.

If this is your first time syncing , and you can treat either your Gmail or iPhone contacts as your “master” list, I would suggest using either the “Gmail contacts -> iPhone” sync mode or the “iPhone Contacts -> Gmail” sync mode. Otherwise, perform a “Two-way Sync”. After you first sync, I would generally recommend using a “Two-way Sync”.


1)Sign in to your Gmail account.

2)Choose from one of the following sync types:

 “Two-way Sync”:Updates iPhone with any changes made to contacts in Gmail, and updates Gmail with any changes made to conacts on iPhone. With the contact update mode set to default, if both contacts changed since the last sync, the contacts will be automatically merged.

“Gmail Contacts -> iPhone”:Updates your iPhone contact with the latest data from your Gmail account, If your iPhone already contacts a contact by the same name, it will not create a duplicate contact.

“iPhone Contacts -> Gmail”:Updates your Gmail account with the latest data from your iPhone contacts. If your Gmail account already contains a contacts by the same name, it will not create a duplicate contact.

“Manual Sync”:Allows you to manually choose how your want to update the data of each contact on your iPhone & Gmail account.

“Delete iPhone Contacts”:Deletes all of your iPhone contacts.

“Delete Gmail Contacts”:Deletes all of your Gmail contacts.

“Delete iPhone Groups”:Allows you to delete specified iPhone groups.

“Delete Gmail Groups”:Allows you to delete specified Gmail groups.

3)Once you press the “Begin Sync” button, your Gmail contacts will be fetched and you will be given the opporfunity to confirm how each contact is synced.

4)Press “Start” button, and keep the app open while it performs the sync. It will not be able to run the background.

*Contact Update Mode

When set to “Default” , the app will automatically detect when each contact needs to be merged. If you want to force the app to merge all of your contacts, set the contact update mode to “Merge”. If you want to force the app to replace your out of date contacts with your up to date contacts, choose “Replace”.

*Sync Photos

If you want to sync your contact photos, turn on the “Sync Photos” switch, Keep in mind that syncing photos will increase your cellular data usage.

This document was last updated on July 14, 2019

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