Contacts Sync, Transfer & Move

Contacts Sync, Transfer & Move

"Contacts Sync, Transfer & Move" allows you to efficiently sync your contacts between all your Android address book accounts and Gmail. With this tool, you can conveniently sync all your contacts which are currently scattered across multiple address book accounts to a single address book in your Android, and have the contact’s info readily available at all times while keeping all your contact information up to date. With this tool, you can also sync and back up the contact list in your Android to cloud servers such as Gmail, etc., to avoid losing contacts.

This contacts mover now supports the following Android address book account types: Local, Gmail, CardDAV, Facebook, Hotmail, and Exchange; it also supports external address book account types.

This easy-to-use contacts transfer app features: 1) automatic identification of you Android local address book account; 2) a click in the main interface allows you to manually add your external address book accounts (Gmail, CardDAV and More) to your Android device; 3) the ability to select any two accounts, and sync the contacts with the sync wizard; this allows the syncing of any two selected accounts including any combination of Android local and external address book accounts based on your needs: 4) you can then view the contacts listed in the two accounts, choose the sync direction (“single sync” or “two way sync”) and the contacts info will be synced by the wizard. The entire operation can be done completely by following the easy and accurate wizard instructions.

The App supports the syncing of contacts listed as part of a group’s info. For example, if a Gmail or Android contact is stored in a group named “Friends,” “Family” or “Partners,” when the group is synced, all of the corresponding Gmail or Android contacts will also be organized into a corresponding group.

The App allows you to save all your contact’s info for all their accounts to a file using a vCard, CSV, XLS format, which allows you to back up the contact’s info; if an error occurs during synchronization, the contacts info can be recovered and repaired promptly, to ensure the contact’s synced information is not lost.

The App also allows you to search for duplicate contacts using “contact name,” “contact phone number,” “contact email address” or other info, and to execute the duplicate search function using a one-key combination to prevent the creation of duplicate or junk contacts after syncing. And allows you to search across multiple address book accounts and merge duplicate contacts into a single account.

*Allow you to sync Android Address Book includes Local, Exchange, Gmail, CardDAV, Hotmail
*Allow you manually add any Gmail account to sync
*Automatic identification of contacts of share same name, and intelligent combination to prevent duplicate contacts
*Browser any account’s contacts & groups online without synchronization
*Features "Filter by Groups" that allow you to sync contacts in special groups
*Features "Merge Duplicate Contacts" that allow you to merge duplicate contacts in Android address book to one single contact before synchronization
*Features "Backup Contacts" that allow you to backup your contacts to vCard/CSV/Excel/Outlook file before synchronization
*Support background automatic sync and backup contacts
*Sync all contact fields including:

- Contact names, nicknames, notes
- Company names, job titles, departments
- Birthdays
- Phones
- Mails
- Instant Messaging
- Postal Addresses
- Relationships
- Events
- Web sites
- Groups
- Photos/Avatars
- Custom labels

This document was last updated on July 14, 2019

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